Monday, March 5, 2012

3 weeks and counting...

So it's now been 3 weeks (tomorrow) since I injured myself during bootcamp.  During the last 3 weeks I've done a whole lot of resting, stretching, icing, and taking anti-inflammatories.  The hubs and I also took the kids down to Disney World for a short vacation.  Luckily, I was fine walking around (I was pretty worried!)  but the sitting on the plane for hours on the way there or back did not do me any favors - nor struggling with luggage and heavy kids - nor the mini freezer inside the mini fridge that only chilled my ice packs to "cool".  (But we had a fantastic time, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!)

The good news is my hamstring/glute/hip are feeling tons better.  The bad news is that 2 days after my last post, I woke up in the morning and had this crazy lower back pain.  Actually it was pain and numbness, so that wasn't very cool.  I was actually in tears most of the day before we left for Disney because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to sit on the plane nor walk around for days at the parks and I didn't want to ruin it for the boys.  I'm not sure why this symptom was delayed, but my PT friend Sharon assured me that it's totally normal to have a back injury and not actually feel the pain there until later.  I can feel 2 vertebra that when I press on them they feel bruised, but the pain extends all over my lower back and gets 1,000x worse when I sit for too long.  The numbness comes and goes.  I decided to go to Pilates this morning because it's super low impact and I just NEED to start exercising again!  The marathon is 30 weeks away come this Sunday, and I'd at least like to re-start a training program!  I miss it!  (and I can't believe I ever thought I'd EVER say I miss running!!)  I was pretty happy during Pilates that I felt like I could do all the modified positions and also hold back when I felt like I needed to.  The pain actually felt like it subsided a bit during and right after, but as the day went on (and I had to sit while driving, as well as, pick up and carry my giant almost-2-year-old numerous times, and bend over a million times doing multiple loads of laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher) the pain definitely returned.

I did finally relent and made an appointment with my primary care physician today because I was sick of just "waiting" to get better and when you're injured you hear 1,000 different opinions about what you should it, no heat it, no ice it...chiropractor, no massage therapy, no, no stretch, no stay might have a bulged disc, no a pulled muscle, no your gait was off from your injured leg and you threw your back out walking funny...enough information to make my head spin!!  But it was all for naught right now because my primary care told me to rest for one more week with no exercise.  <Sigh>.  So I'm icing as I type.  <Sigh>.  I just want to get back out there!!

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