Thursday, May 31, 2012

Please chase me!

I think I figured out how I can run the marathon in the required time (6hr 30min).  I just need a psychotic maniac wielding a machete to chase me.  Or zombies, maybe I need zombies like the Zombie Run.  So I'm calling for volunteers.  Forget passing out water with all the other volunteers - CHASE ME!!  PLEASE!  Today I was able to shave a little time off what my normal pace has been, but I'm convinced it's because I was running for my life.  The crazies in the sketchy house on the road next to mine were shooting very loud guns in their yard (only in NH...) and I was quite reluctant to become a moving target.

According to the Chicago Marathon rules and guidelines there will be an official Pace Van driving along the course at a 15:00/mile pace.  Mark my words, I'll be the runner the Pace Van accidentally drives over.

1 comment:

  1. You just need to get a pair of those sneakers that have roller skates built in.. The ones that 10 year old boys wear. You may even be up with the Kenyans in those.