Friday, June 22, 2012


Went to spinning again this morning (3rd time) and I'm loving this class for how it fits into my marathon training schedule:

Monday- Cross-train
Tuesday- Short run
Wednesday- Weights
Thursday- Short run
Friday- Cross-train
Saturday- Long run
Sunday- REST

I've been swimming on Mondays, so spinning on Fridays makes for a nice, totally different type of cross-training to change it up.  My hip has been feeling slightly funny this week, but not painful.  Well, right toward the end of class today I started to feel a bit of a twinge.  I honestly couldn't determine if I'd possibly just gotten a slight pull in my upper quad or if it was my hip or what.  But it wasn't really that painful and we were just a moment or two from the end of class, so I didn't really think about it too much.  After class I did a ton of extra stretching, way more than I usually do, and then hit up the locker room for a shower.  It really still didn't even bother me that much, but once I got the boys home for some lunch I definitely started to notice it getting more painful to walk around the house.  I've now iced my hip and inner thigh at least 5 separate times.  I've tried massaging all around my hip and upper leg.  I've used my foam roller.  I've taken ibuprofen, and it's still quite painful.

<Sigh>So, now I'm sitting here the night before I'm supposed to run my long run of the week (9mi), and I'm having to seriously consider having a rest instead.  Logically I know it's the safe/smart thing to do because I don't want to further injure myself, but I find it SO HARD to stray off my plan.  And if I do stray off my plan, where do I jump back in?  Do I alter it so I still fit in my 9mi and then do my 10mi less than a week later? (guess that doesn't sound like the best idea), do I just skip my 9mi and do 10mi next week?  Or do I make my long run next week 9mi and alter mileage later on?  Should I do some light elliptical tomorrow or totally rest?  How long should I wait before I try running again?  Ugh, I HATE when my body doesn't behave the way I want it to.  WAH!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll ice a couple more times tonight and when I wake up tomorrow I'll magically feel better!  (Wishful thinking...)

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