Monday, June 18, 2012

Wellness Program Swellness program

For health insurance we use the family plan through the company the hubs works for, and it's a pretty good plan.  I'm extremely resistant to change, so I generally tend to bitch about just about anything that changes from year to year within the plan.  A $5 co-pay increase? Bite me!  Now we have deductibles? Kiss my ass!  You need to send new cards to add our middle initial?  F you!  Ok, maybe I didn't have quite that reaction to the third example...but needless to say, when they decided to roll out the (not really required, but if you don't do it your monthly premium goes up 200%) Wellness Program, I definitely had a few words to say about it.

With the Wellness Program you have to fast and get your blood tested (for all the regular stuff, cholesterol, glucose, etc) and if you "fail" any of the categories tested they require you to work with a Wellness Coach to improve your health.  Incidentally, the night before the hubs and I both got our blood tested the first time, the hubs thought it would be an excellent idea to drink a bunch of wine and an entire pan of Rice Krispies treats until our fasting time had to start.  Yeah, guess who failed the glucose test the next day??  Luckily they let him have a redo with our primary care physician later on, so he didn't have the added hassle of working with a coach.  I honestly thank my lucky stars for that, because, no doubt, it would have been me making sure he completed whatever added tasks were required of him by the coach...

Without having to work with a coach, you have to complete some kind of required "health" task each quarter (and yes, I'm generally completing 2 each quarter...), and it's never usually that big a deal, it's just kind of annoying because it's something we HAVE to do and it's just in my personality to resist anything I'm told I HAVE to do that I don't want to.

So, since we're getting into the second half of June, I've started getting my reminders that the Quarter 2 health task is due.  Usually, it's log in and quickly find the one task that will only take me a few minutes and just get 'er done!  I just logged into my account to look at the options and I had to laugh a little bit.  Now that I'm well into marathon training, I actually am interested in pretty much every option and find myself pondering doing one to complete the task for credit and then going through them all anyway.  What is happening to me??

Just learned that Joan Benoit hated running so much when she first started and was so embarrassed by how she looked running that she would actually walk every time a car was driving past her.  That's pretty awesome.  I'd like to think of her flipping the bird every time a car passes her too, but somehow I doubt that.

And WOW!  This looks MUY DELICIOSO!!  Can't wait to try!

Baked Avocado and Egg

                                                             -preheat oven to 425, have cast iron pan in there
                                                             -halve avocado, remove pit
                                                             -pour cracked egg into avocado halves
                                                             -top with cheese and/or desired spices
                                                             -place in oven and cook until egg is cooked to your desire

This recipe came from a presentation (one of the tasks) in the Wellness Program (they took it from  I seriously cannot wait to try this!!  I wonder what other delicious delights I've missed from never taking this seriously before?

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