Sunday, July 22, 2012

14 miles done! Longest run ever, ever, ever, EVER!!

Feeling pretty awesome having finished the 14 mile long run!!  That's more than a half marathon!  Definitely the longest distance I've ever run at one time - EVER!  And while I wish I could do it a little faster, I am damn proud of the accomplishment.  I never thought I'd actually be able to run a marathon.  It's always been on my "bucket list" (I f@*%ing HATE that phrase!), it's always been a lifelong "dream" goal to run a marathon.  Back in my teens and 20s I knew I wanted to do it (and I've ALWAYS hated long distance running, so I really have no clue what that desire was all about- must be the masochist in me...) and expected I would "someday", but after hip surgery (and with that the realization that I'm not actually invincible - huh?  I'm not??) I kind of thought that running a marathon wasn't a realistic goal to have anymore.  Now that I've actually made it (more than!!) halfway there, it feels like this accomplishment is totally within arm's reach and I'm kind of peeing my pants about it!!

Now I just have to keep my ass in check and make sure I don't slack off during my vacation this week. Vacation = relaxation to me (well, as much relaxation as a mom of 2 crazy boys can get!) as well as LOTS of beer drinking (10am? sure! it's beer o'clock!) and LOTS delicious, naughty food and I find it VERY easy to forget about my workouts...Can't let that happen this week!!  Ok, maybe beer and junk food won't be avoided...let's be real...but I can't ditch out on my runs!!

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