Monday, July 2, 2012

Hills Be Damned!

So I survived the 10mi run on Saturday morning, but just barely...  Ugh, it was one of those runs that makes you question whether or not you can actually successfully complete the marathon no matter how long or hard you train for.  Those runs just plain suck.  Since I've been having trouble with my hip, I decided to try incorporating more trail running so that I'm not pounding the pavement all the time.  However, I think the trail at Winnekenni is just FAR, far too hilly.  Also, I started getting this sharp shooting pain occasionally in my right heel during the second loop.  Ugh, it's like my body is just looking for ways to fail me...Trying not to get myself too worked up about it (perhaps plantar fasciitis?) and just put it down to that I really, really need new running shoes...

Check out that elevation profile...

Considering the Chicago Marathon is supposed to be very flat, and that I found the super hilly run on Saturday too much to bare, perhaps it would make more sense to run the long runs on routes that are more similar to what the actual marathon will be like.

Yup, I'd say that's pretty flat!

Ok, now I get why so many people say that the Chicago Marathon is a great choice for first-timers.  That is seriously one flat course!!  That's pretty freaking awesome.  Well, I know that I can walk faster than a 15min/mile pace (I practiced on the treadmill the other day), so at worst, provided I am injury-free enough to at least walk, I WILL complete this marathon!!

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