Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back on the horse

Ugh.  After my horrible run yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was get back out there and torture myself again, but I knew if I didn't at least do something I would be mad at myself and feel like crap about it all week.  My friends offered up some pretty good advice after yesterday, and reminded me that I don't have to aim for a victory with every run.  Getting out even for a short jog or walk is better than sitting on your butt at home!  Point taken.  However, I still tried to come up with every chore that needed to be done before I could go run.  I also had never figured out what I was going to do with my blister, so that was almost going to be a deal breaker, but I found these giant square gauze pads with adhesive in the bathroom cabinet and they worked ok.  (Dang!  My last excuse foiled!)  I finally went out a little after 5pm (after making chili to eat for the Super Bowl - my last chore before I couldn't put it off any longer), and it was already quite dark and super cold ~25deg.

I decided to warm up by walking around the circle (about a half mile) and then trying to run it as fast as I could, and then walk again.  When it was time to start running, my knees hurt so bad every time my feet hit the pavement, but after a little while they finally stopped.  My lungs ached from the cold air, and my "fast run" was beyond pathetic, especially considering my circle isn't even a full half mile.  I am glad I got back out there, but I'm still pretty disappointed with myself.  Just felt really crappy this weekend, and the half marathon is really freaking me out!

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