Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How d'ya like them Apples?

Yay for Apple being super cool about my phone and just replacing it no questions asked.  Of course super cool me started having verbal diarrhea with explanation of how nothing "funky" happened, "it just stopped working I swear!"  (even though I had a sneaking suspicion it happened during bootcamp when my jacket got tossed around quite a bit and it was in my pocket - long story - but it gave me a guilty conscience I think) even after the guy gave me the printout receipt to turn in when I came back to pick up the new phone, so he really wasn't interested.  Why am I so socially retarded??

So angels singing in unison, I have a brand new iPhone 4s and got all my apps, contacts, texts, etc. back too.  Hallelujah!  

Earlier in the day, I took Big and Little to the dentist.  It still makes me laugh taking a not quite 21-month-old to the dentist, but he's on our dental insurance already and last time we were there with Big, the dentist kind of put the hard sell on to make Little an appt. too.  I'm so sad though because Big has a loose front tooth due to an injury (getting kicked square in the mouth by his little brother) and the dentist said the tooth is beginning to decay and will probably fall out.  But before it does it will get all discolored (and if it doesn't fall out on its own, the dentist will have to "wiggle it out" is how she phrased it).  We also have to hope it doesn't get infected.  I'm sad for my son for potentially getting a self-image complex so early in life, as if there aren't enough things to come later on that will do that for him - 3-1/2 is far too young!!!  Even if the hubs and I give him no reason to feel self-conscious, I'm sure that there will be somebody who no doubt won't be able to keep from pointing it out and making a thing of it.  I'm also devastated that he may be in pain with it at any point.  My poor munchkin!!  He's also been asking a LOT of questions lately about losing teeth since a couple of his older friends have lost some, and I just recently told him that it was going to be a long, long time until he loses any now he'll probably NEVER believe me on anything substantial anymore...

Not going to Pilates again tonight (like last Wed.) only this week it's because my hip doesn't feel quite right from that crazy bootcamp last night, and I am NOT messing with my bad hip!  Plus my abs are still on fire, so I probably wouldn't even be able to get through the class!

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