Sunday, February 12, 2012

So hardcore!

Totally planned on running on the treadmill at the Y today, but had no idea the Y closes at 4pm on Sundays.  Whoops!  That really does seem ridiculously early for a weekend day though...  I was quite in the thick of doing chores and lost track of time (although I really thought I had even more time to lose track of!)  So when the reality of an outdoor run in 20deg. temps and wind hit me, I decided to just jump right in or risk wimping out.  I got myself all decked out in appropriate cold weather running attire - running tights AND sweats, a L/S running shirt, my awesome new running pullover (it even has the thumbhole things on the sleeves!  I don't think I even mentioned that awesome feature when I was originally raving about it!), a soft-shell jacket, 2 pairs of gloves (my touch-screen running gloves - - LOVE THEM! just weren't quite enough, so I had to double up on gloves), fleece headband, and fleece neck-warmer thing that I usually wear for skiing/snowboarding.  Oh and just to make the hubs happy, I wore my day-glo neon yellow YOU CAN'T MISS ME vest.  He usually wants me to wear it even if it's bright and sunny out (really?) so I figured I should make him happy since it was getting dark soon-ish.  This is AWESOME me:

Yup, seriously awesome.  I feel like I kind of look like a running ninja.  Except I think the point of ninjas is to sneak up on you and attack when you least expect it, right?  So I guess I'd only be able to be a running ninja in a sea of hyper color t-shirts at an 80s themed party...hmmmmm.

So today was my 3mi day on my new run/walk interval training program, so I had to run 3mins/walk 2mins continuously until I reached 3 miles.  SHOCKINGLY, even in the cold and wind, I felt pretty darn good!  I was quite psyched about that, especially after my horrible run last weekend.  It puts you in such a different mental space than after a bad run.  So now I'm all jazzed!  Whooooo-hooooo!!  If I am going to run tomorrow though, which I am technically supposed to on my current 4 runs/week training plan (which might have to drop to 3 runs/week depending on my schedule), it will sadly have to be a treadmill run.  Clearly I run so much better outside seeing as yesterday it was a time goal of 35 mins (I went for 40 though including warmup and cool down) and didn't even make 3 miles.  Today I completed the 3mi distance goal in under 35mins!  (Did I mention it was 20deg out?!?! - yeah, I'm bragging.)  Am I starting to enjoy this??  No, can't be, this MUST be a fluke.  (please don't be a fluke, please don't be a fluke!)

Anyway, the hubs has been snoring like a chainsaw since 8:30pm and I still need to put a small dent in The Help on my Kindle since I only get to "borrow" it for 2 weeks, and I was just told it's really long.  Guess I should get a'readin!

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