Monday, January 23, 2012

First post - Wow, I'm back into blogging!

So I signed up (officially!) to run a marathon in October and decided to keep track of my training progress in a training blog.  I guess that means I'm back into blogging again!  First step, HIDE old blog from view. (It's far too embarrassing now!) - check.  Start training so I have something to blog about - check.  So here goes!

1 hour of Pilates.  It's my stretch and strengthen day.

Yesterday (Sunday):
Did 30 mins on the treadmill including 2 mins of walking warmup/cool down (4 mins total).  Set the treadmill to 2% incline, 5.3mph or 11:32 mile pace for the running part.  Had to walk a section in the middle and end.  Set it to 5% incline, 4mph, 15:00mile pace for the walking.  (Only narrowly avoided a potential MEI -marathon ending injury- when I was being a good samaritan and assisting the woman next to me with her treadmill and drifted too far to the side of the belt and caught the edge of the treadmill.  Almost went flying tits over ass, but luckily managed to grab the handrails, sadly not before looking like a complete a-hole on a treadmill in the gym in front of everyone behind me on the elliptical machines though!  Damn ellipticizers - thinking they're all cool cause they've got poles!  Note to self: Pause exists for a reason!)  Overall felt better than Saturday, but still feel like "What the F am I doing?" about training for a freaking marathon.  After 30mins on the treadmill I felt even more wiped out than after an hour of bootcamp.  Evidently, I really need to work on my cardio!  Today I remembered my armband and used a new pair of headphones.  Still find the cord for my headphones super annoying and distracting though.  Wore my Asics and custom orthotics and the toes of my right foot rubbed against the side of my shoe - if I'd gone any longer I'm sure I would have gotten blisters.  Got a migraine in the afternoon - totally sucked!  Lost vision, nasty lingering headache (even after 4 ibuprofen) and felt very nauseas.

Breaking the training cherry.  Had only 15 mins to jump on the treadmill, but I really just wanted a starting point.  It totally sucked and I hated every second of it (ugh!).  Set the treadmill to 1.5% incline and 11:32 running pace, but walked the first 2 mins for a warmup and last 2 mins as a cool down.  Made it just over a mile.  Forgot my armband for my iPhone and used an old pair of headphones, which kept falling out of my ears.  Wore my (new) New Balance running shoes and non-custom orthotics and had pain in the joint of my big toe on my right foot.

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