Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holy Bootcamp Batman!

Well, there were only 3 of us in bootcamp tonight and Tom totally kicked our butts!  I actually didn't mind though.  Tomorrow is my rest day and now I feel like I deserve it!  Plus, my kids were driving me beyond bonkers (do I detect a theme here?) and I would have pretty much endured anything to have a few moments to myself!

Took the kids swimming before bootcamp, so I pretty much rocked it today.  Perhaps this will become our normal Thursday afternoon plan.  It was pretty awesome to see them having so much fun, and I was very impressed with how much they've been getting out of their swim lessons.  (I guess I should sign them up again next session and get them back into it!)  Of course all the enjoyment experienced with them in the pool quickly flew by the wayside when they turned into crazy little hell raisers in the locker room and I vowed never to take both of them swimming by myself ever again.  Of course I'm sure "Momnesia" will kick in by next Thursday and we'll be back in the pool again.

I am happy to report though, that although I had no dinner plan yet again after bootcamp (and had to leave so early for swimming that I didn't have time to prepare anything ahead of time), I did avoid Burger King (which I heard Kyle refer to as King Hamburger).  I opted to cook omelets with raisin toast instead.  Not exactly the healthiest dinner I suppose, but a hell of a lot better than King Hamburger!  By the by, blogger is refusing to let me spell omelet o-m-e-l-e-t-t-e, which is how I would normally spell it.  And a quick google search shows me that Wikipedia agrees with me, so it must be right!

Oh, I definitely regretted my o-m-e-l-e-t-t-e decision though, when I turned my back for ONE second and my rascal of a 20-month-old got hold of the leftover eggs and smashed them on the kitchen floor and then proceeded to stomp around in the raw egg before I could reach him.  Awesome.  Oh well, sleep through the night Pickle and all will be forgiven.  Ok?  Crap, it's 10pm already?  Where oh where did my night go??  Blog out!

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