Monday, January 30, 2012

Just another Pilates Monday

Whoa, whoa...I wish it were Friday...whoa, whoa...cause that's my rest day, an "I don't have to run day"...whoa, whoa.  Incidentally, I realized the other day, playing Words with Friends, that I've always spelled whoa as woah and didn't even realize I was spelling it wrong until WWF wouldn't let me play the word.  Things WWF taught me...And apparently I made up a real word the other day too.  Azoth, it's real, play it on WWF.  Just make sure the Z is in the right spot like a TL or that you hit a TW or something because I didn't and it really didn't net me that many points.  If you're going to make up a word as impressive as Azoth it should at least be a 30+ pointer.

Anyway, I digress.  Today was a Pilates day.  I'm loving Pilates on Monday.  The time is perfect (10am), which is late enough that I'm not rushing and I can usually get a load of laundry thrown in and/or load/unload the dishwasher before running out the door, but it's early enough that you get home (~11:15am) and it's still pretty early and there's lots of the day left.  Plus there's an open gymnastics on Mondays at 3pm, so that's a perfect window of time to get lunch together and also get a bunch of chores done around the house without feeling too guilty because the kids still have open gymnastics to look forward to (and get all their spaz out - thanks open gym!)

I paid attention to my odometer on the way to/from the Y today and realized it's ~4mi.  Despite the fact that I just ran that distance yesterday and that it's a relatively short drive, it still seems like a super long distance!  And it really freaked me out!  Like running from home to the Y isn't even close to HALF of the half marathon.  Christ!  What was I thinking??  But at least I just figured out a new route to try this weekend if it's nice out.  I mapped it out on the Dailymile website and titled it "YMCA to home" before realizing that when you create a running route it's not kept private on your profile, it goes into the public route log.  So you're welcome serial killers and rapists!  You've got a map straight to my house now!  (I did change the name to something a little less "here is a map to my house, my husband travels for work generally 2 out of 4 weeks each month, so please come have your way with me" instead, but having a public map with a line drawn straight to my house does make me feel a little icky.  I wish there was a "keep private" option!  I know, I know, drama queen, but still...

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