Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wash, rinse, repeat

Another Winnekenni Trail run, hopefully I can find some new trails this spring because I think Winnekenni is going to get old fast.  But I'll get to my run later.

This morning when I woke up, at 9am (the hubs let me sleep in this AM, although I'm not sure there was actually much option involved), despite the fact that I got a really good night's sleep (finally!), I felt totally worn out when I got up.  I was dreading going out running more than anything.  It felt like every one of my limbs weighed a million pounds, so I was definitely lazy for a while.  I was impressed with the hubs this morning though, he was feeling quite motivated and even took the kids to the babysitting room at the gym to get a workout in.  That gave me the opportunity to hit up Kohl's for some new sports bras sans kids (it's the only way to get your Kohl's on).  I went a little giddy in the fitness section and ended up buying a bunch of sports bras, some new running tights, and a new outer layer (w/ media pocket & secret car key pocket on the arm).  I'm such a sucker for secret pockets!

I finally got out for my run around 3ish and literally wanted to quit about 10 steps into it.  I decided to run the opposite direction around Kenoza Lake at Winnekenni today than I did yesterday so that I wouldn't make the 2.58 mile marker mistake again.  It was supposedly ~40deg again today, but it was really windy so it definitely felt a LOT colder, and the wind made it feel like I wasn't even moving forward.  Really kind of regretted running "backwards" today too because the sun was totally in my eyes and there was a lot of glare off the water and ice on the trail and I felt a bit foolish for attempting a trail run in those conditions.  Really had to be super careful going over the ice today, there was a lot more than yesterday.  I also decided to try to run a different way and completely follow the trail on the edge of the lake instead of the mapped out route on the Winnekenni website (which has you run on the road for about a 1/2 mile or maybe 3/4 and I hate that part).  I guess they have you run that way for a reason because I ended up in an area with all these No Trespassing signs up and had to run around a building at the water reservoir just to get back to the road (whoops!) Lesson learned.  That definitely added some distance that I wasn't expecting though!

Despite the wind and how much I was NOT enjoying the run, I didn't look at my iPhone until I was already at 2.68 miles though and I was psyched!  Progress!  By then I'd gotten to an easier part of the trail more in the woods than on the water's edge and the wind was more blocked, so I kept running for a while longer.  Still hated every step, but I just really wanted to see how far I could go.  Didn't look at my phone again until 3.92 miles!  (I had a little internal goal, once I knew I was near 3 miles to make it to these benches I had remembered along the trail) and I guess they were further than I thought because I was NOT expecting to get to 3.92 miles!  So then I stared at the screen for another 0.08 miles just to make it to an even 4 and the time was 47:20.  So that means I got under 12:00/mile average for the run!  Holy crap!  I was pretty shocked.  And I'd have been more pleased except that the run sucked so bad I'm afraid I will never want to get back out and run again!  Also, I realized I had a giant blister on the arch of my right foot and I still had to walk all the way back to my car (almost a mile).  Ugh.  I'm glad it's over anyway!

I got another donation today, so I'm up to $200 now I think.  I really need to remember to send out some thank you emails soon to the people who have already donated, but not now because it's WAY past my bedtime!  G'night!

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