Friday, January 27, 2012

Not so rest day

Considering I've totaled about 3 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours (Pickle, you did NOT live up to your end of our deal.  Can I sue?), it definitely took a LOT of effort to get through today - and that's without any workout!  I actually did hit the gym for a little while, but only stretched in the stretching area for about 30 mins (SO SORE today!), and it was really just to offload the boys in the babysitting room for my own sanity.  I realize I must sound like Mother of the Year in these first several posts here (italics being the "official" sarcasm font), but in my defense this has been one trying week.  Greg has been away since pretty much Monday (technically he came home Tuesday night, but essentially just to crash in bed and he was up and out for his trip before the next day even started), but he travels a lot and I'm pretty used to it, so that wasn't even really it.  The big one has entered a phase where he literally doesn't listen to a word I say and just laughs at me or collapses in a giant temper tantrum if he doesn't like what he hears, and the little one is in that "I'm going to drag anything I can pull to stand on to reach the" [fill in the blank - hot stove, sink full of dishes, knife block, sharpies in a pen jar to scribble on the fridge, giant scissors in the clutter drawer, etc. etc. etc.] phase - (big enough to accomplish huge physical feats, and independent enough to hear you say "No!" and completely ignore you), so you just have to chase him around the house 24/7 to keep him from killing himself.  Anyone who's had a pre-2 year old knows this phase all too well.  And I'm thinking I might want another one some day?  Really, what am I thinking?

So the day started off with a trip to Babies 'R Us to take advantage of their trade-in sale.  Traded in the stroller part of my Chicco travel system that hasn't been used in 2 years.  And I think that the infant car seat part of that travel system would actually expire too soon if I did, in fact, want to use it for a potential third baby, so I probably wouldn't have use for the stroller anymore anyway.  I feel slightly guilty not donating it to charity, and I admit I have no idea what Babies 'R Us does with all the trade-ins.  But I managed to score a new Sit 'n Stand stroller and saved almost $60, so despite the fact that I almost let my kids get rides home with strangers for misbehaving so badly, I considered it a successful trip.

After Babies 'R Us we went to the Y, the boys went in the babysitting room and then they went crazy in open gymnastics.  Went home for lunch.  My MIL came to take the big one to the library, and I attempted to put the new stroller together (although Pickle made that VERY difficult).  After the library, my MIL offered me a little time to run out by myself (angels singing in unison - AHHHH!!! "alone time"....) to buy some new sports bras (really need them!) only as soon as I park, I called the hubs to find out his ETA and he informs me that he lost his car keys.  We don't have a spare.  Great.  So my running errands time turns into driving to Chelmsford to pick up the hubs and trying to come up with a workable plan on how to get everywhere we need to be separately over the weekend with only one car.  The hubs makes a million phone calls to everywhere he could have possibly left his keys and also to local dealerships to see if he could have a new key made STAT.  Turns out the car would have to be present at the dealership, so it appeared a tow was going to be in our future.  Ugh.  But then, just as I was a few minutes away from his office, lo' and behold, he locates his keys after checking his bag for the umpteenth time.  Angels singing again because we don't need to pay for a tow.  I don't even care about missing out on sports bra shopping (really need to though!) and the wasted drive (almost) all the way to his office.  I got a little quiet time in the car and that was pretty worth it.

It's 9pm and the hubs is already snoring like a chainsaw.  Poor guy had a pretty tough day.  He spent the morning at the spa relaxing, reading his book, and getting a massage and then had a grueling 2+ hour drive home from the Omni Mt. Washington Resort in the afternoon.  Geez, no wonder he can't keep his eyes open long enough to finish our episode of The Mentalist.

I'm beyond exhausted though and already dreading that I have to run tomorrow.  Ugh.  I despise running. What was I thinking???

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